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Paint Correction

Paint correction refers to the process of removing imperfections in a vehicle’s finish and restoring it to a better than new finish. These imperfections include but are not limited to, swirl marks, automated car wash marring, fine scratches, water spots, etched bird droppings, and hologramming caused by poor washing techniques.

The only true way to remove scratches in your vehicle’s paint is with the process of paint correction; one of our specialties at RT Auto Detailing. Paint correction involves the use of machine polishers and a range of different polishes and graded pads. A fully corrected vehicle when viewed in direct sunlight will show only true reflections and no swirl marks, scratches, or blemishes will be visible to the naked eye.

Each of our Paint Corrections comes with a deep cleaning of the exterior and decontamination of all surfaces. 


Pricing for a paint correction service varies from different situations and conditions of the paint. The prices are listed above are starting prices assuming the best workability. What we like to do is have an inspection of the paint condition and a discussion beforehand with the client to determine the expectations for the corrections. 

Stage 1 paint correction can generally fix up to 50% of paint imperfections whereas stage 2 paint correction will fix 85%+ correctable defects. 

Quotes vary for vehicle types, paint colors, and paint types. Some colors like black are harder to correct defects than colors like white or silver. Also, manufacturers use different paint hardness which could affect the workability of certain techniques. Lastly, the size of the work area will determine the quote as well being that a larger vehicle will take more time and product to complete the job.

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